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Meet Our Team

Our staff hold recognised Child Care Qualifications (NVQ, DCYPW, EYE) or equivalent and undertake core skills and professional development training such as Paediatric First Aid, Food Hygiene and Child Protection Awareness Training. We also have members of our staff team with experience in Special Educational Needs (SEN).


All of our staff are DBS checked. 

A copy of our staff qualifications can be found displayed on the premises.


We operate a key person system at Blues. Your child will be assigned a member of staff who will be their key person and a personal point of contact. Your key person will help settle your child into preschool, will interact and build a relationship with your child to enable the key person to observe and support your child’s progress through focused activities and play.

They will keep records of your child’s achievements using observations, photographic evidence, professional knowledge of your child and the child’s own work created within the preschool. Whilst these records are strictly confidential, they are freely available to each child's parent or carer upon request and to review at prearranged meetings with the key person. These records will be given to you when your child leaves Blues and if you wish, can be shared with staff at your child's next preschool, nursery or school. This can help to ensure a smooth transition between preschool and nursery and/or primary school.


Blues Preschool & Nursery strictly adheres to the ratios of staff per child set by OFSTED.

The current minimum staffing ratios are:

1:4 for children aged 2 years

1:8 for children aged 3–7 years


In the morning sessions, generally for children over 3, we endeavor to operate on a ratio of 1:6.

In the afternoon sessions when some slightly younger children attend, we operate on a ratio of 1:4.

We consider the interaction between staff and children to be crucial to learning and development. We invite parents/carers into their child’s sessions to experience how the children learn, to meet their child’s friends, to have the opportunity to speak to their child’s key worker and to meet other members of the staff team. By building positive relationships with our families we enable shared learning opportunities both at preschool and at home.


Early Years Practitioner


Deputy Manager

Early Years Practitioner

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Claire F
Early Years Practitioner


Early Years Practitioner Apprentice


Early Years Practitioner


Claire L
Early Years Practitioner


Lunch Supervisor


Bank Staff

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