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Getting Ready For School

Here are some useful guides and links to help to prepare your child for transition into Reception class.  Please do not stress about these in any way…your child will get there in their own time.  Gentle encouragement and finding opportunities for learning through play is all you need to do, with no pressure on you or them.   - Tips on Starting Primary School

My Starting School



for tips on starting  primary school

Sounds and Letters

During the nursery year we focus our attention on the Letters and Sounds programme from the DfE, using various activities and games to explore instrumental and environmental sounds. This programme paves the way for children to understand sounds in speech and how they are formed and spoken. The summer term is when we begin to learn more about the sounds of particular letters by familiarising the children with the first set of letters,  s - a - t - p - i - n.  While Blues is closed, we will put together some suggested activities each week that follow, as best as we can, what we would be learning at Blues.

Please remember that the aim is to familiarise your child with how the letter looks and sounds. We have added a sheet where they can practise forming the letter but this is aimed at practising using a pencil and making marks rather than them forming perfect letters! 

Playing games to recognise objects beginning with one of the starter letters is a great way to help them hear the initial sounds in words.

S Sound Worksheet

'S' activities and worksheets

S Colouring Sheet

Snake Game

Find Things Beginning with S

Environmental Sound Discrimination

'A' activities and worksheets

Letter Formation A

Roll and Colour A

Find Things Beginning with A

A Sound Worksheet

Silly Soup Game

'T' activities and worksheets

Letter Formation T

Roll and Colour T

Find Things Beginning with T

Instrumental Sound Discrimination

T Sound Worksheet

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